Pete Hamilton
Introducing e-mergency

Introducing e-mergency

I just met up with our development team for the project we submitted for the Google Interactivism Award! Now that we have won said award and are being given money to develop the project further we thought it was about time we actually did something and got cracking!

So today Myself, Kushal, Florian and Simon all met up to try and verbally work our way through the planning stage of the project. It all went pretty well and we now have a name, domain, dev plan and I think we would all agree an increased level of enthusiasm for this!

In case you hadn’t realised, the idea changed slightly from our original idea when we submitted to Google and now instead of tracking waiting room times, we are showing people the nearest A & E or clinic along with the current waiting time. We are now calling the project e-mergency!

I am pasting a copy of our development slides below for those who are interested

We meet again in a little over a week for our first development sprint so check back here for updates!