Pete Hamilton

The Bare Necessities


That’s the idea behind my move to Octopress.

Instead of trying (and failing) to maintain a comprehensive record of 100 different things. I have decided to come up with a small list of things I come across daily which would be worth putting online for reference, information or amusement.

The plan is to back-date some of this to bring my blog up to date with some of the things I have done and forgotten to write about.

So far on my list of topics to cover I have:

  1. Useful Code Snippets - So I don’t have to scour the net and my internet history to find that little chunk of code.

  2. Tools - There are so many tools and apps which I have set up on my machine. Useful ones should be reviewed or at least mentioned

  3. New Languages - It seems almost Every day I experiment with something new and I think it would be good to write down the results, however brief

  4. Events - I do a lot of hackathons and should really do writeups afterward outlining what I or my team built

Octopress allows me to type my blog post in a nice simple editor using Markdown syntax on my local machine.

The entire process then fits into a normal development workflow. Create, commit, push. Simple.