Pete Hamilton Gmail Aliases

For a while now I’ve been using Gmail in the browser but recently I decided to make the switch back to

One of the things I made extensive use of in Gmail was consolidating all my email accounts through one main account. From that main account I could receive and send email as any one of many aliases.

However in, when I signed in with my Google credentials, I could only send mail from the main account. Disaster.

However while fiddling around I discovered this nifty secret in settings where you can enter multiple email addresses in one box.

Completely confused as to why this isn’t publicized, I guess it probably only works if you can successfully send mail from them all through the same SMTP server so isn’t a standard user feature. Great for Gmail Aliases though!

  1. Open Mail’s preferences: Mail > Preferences
  2. Select your gmail account in the left sidebar
  3. Click the ‘Account Information’ tab
  4. Add all aliases in the “Email Address” field, separated by commas
  5. Exit Preferences
  6. Compose new email and select an alias from the Dropdown
  7. Make a cup of tea and set your sights on Inbox Zero.