Pete Hamilton

I built something for TEDMedIC

Today I’ve spent the day at the Royal Geographical society at TEDMED Imperial College. It was awesome.

I saw some talks by great speakers, attended some interesting workshops and generally felt like you always do after a TED event, inspired.

Even better, this year I had the chance to help out, I donned a T-Shirt and along with everyone else, pitched in what I could to make the event a success.

In my case, I was also able to put together something from a technology standpoint. I love live metrics and data so I created a dashboard with a twitter feed, event statistics, live photo streams from the photographers who were going around snapping pictures of speakers and attendees etc.

This was then projected in the hallways, the main presentation theatre, and on flat-screens around the building.

It was great fun, pretty simple to put together (the night before…) and didn’t look half bad on the day (if I say so myself).