Pete Hamilton

Give a Buck!

A project as part of the 50/50 campaign to raise money for East Africa with Made By Many and Good for Nothing. See this video for info:

Myself and Heidi (another GFN-er) came up with ‘Give a Buck’. You give a ‘buck’, then ask your friends and the media to ‘give a f**k’ via twitter.

Technologically it was pretty interesting for me.

  • I played with Twitter OAuth for this first time
  • Created some Gamification elements where you could see the ‘ripple effect’ of your donation and subsequent donations from people who signed up via your shared link.
  • Played with network calculations and smart caching (only updating values through caluclations based on relations)

All in all we raised over £100 which may not seem like much, but it’ll feed 6 children for a week, which as far as I’m concerned, is easily worth a few days of my time.

See the project description on 50/50 here

UPDATE The challenge had long since finished and the ‘’ site has now expired, but I’ve put a screenshot below so you can see what it used to look like.